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Foam Gun Soap Shampoo Sprayer 900ml

Foam Gun Soap Shampoo Sprayer 900ml

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1. Open the water valve
2. Adjust the rotating head of the water gun to rotate at different angles, and adjust the water flow to umbrella shape, scattering shape, direct radiation
3. Press the water gun handle to empty the air inside the water pipe.
4. Run the car first, then brush the car, then rush
5. After soaking the cotton brush, apply the car wash liquid to defoam the body from top to bottom.
6. Dry the water on the body with a cotton towel or PVA.
7. After use, drain the water from the water gun and the water pipe.

1 *foam stick
1 * mixing head
1 * quick connector
1 *handle
1 *bottle
1 * User Manual

Type: car foam gun
Material: ABS propylene, copper
Quantity: 1 set
Water pressure: 2.5-6
Dilution ratio: 6 dilution ratios
Bottle capacity: 900ml

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